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Case Study : RHS


New members to the RHS had traditionally been recruited solely by a face to face approach whilst visiting RHS gardens and horticultural shows. These channels were reaching saturation point and the need to develop new recruitment sources emerged. Up to this point the RHS had not undertaken any cold recruitment activity. A modest test budget was allocated to the project.


The concept of promoting RHS membership as a gift was introduced. Doing so extended the potential market for the client to include a more youthful abc1 bias in the shape of those purchasing gifts for parents or grandparents. The employed strategy of using loose inserts and 50% DM lists had a twofold effect. The buying of part-runs maximised the budget which allowed the client to trial a greater range of titles and lists. Using inserts provided much more space for copy than would a display ad and enabled the creative to give full justice to what was a comprehensive and compelling offer. Two creatives were trialled so that the best performing version could be used upon roll out. The campaign was scheduled to coincide with the Chelsea Flower Show to make obvious capital of the raised awareness of the RHS at this time.


The campaign delivered over 1,000 new members for the RHS, exceeding target by almost 50%.

Considered to be a triumph, the budget more than doubled on the subsequent roll out which took in other key periods of activity such as Christmas and Mothers Day and included the successful addition of digital to the mix.


RHS campaign
RHS campaign
RHS campaign