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Case Study : Crisis


The traditional Crisis at Christmas campaign was failing to reach its financial targets. Root Media were asked to produce a combined inserts and display campaign that reversed this trend, delivered new donors and increased their ROI – all within the same budget as the previous year.


We conducted an in-depth analysis of past results to identify the best performing titles, the best copy, the best times to advertise etc , and then constructed an initial schedule based on the conclusions . We further identified trends in donation levels influenced by the proximity of Christmas, which varied by title, and built this insight into our campaign. We developed a short term buying strategy that took advantage of the more volatile pre Christmas media marketplace, enabling us to wring extra value out of our budget, as well as renegotiating rates downwards with core titles that had been used for past campaigns.


We were able to generate sufficient savings to fund an additional 1 million inserts and an additional 8 national press insertions.

Our short term buying policy enabled us to trial 11 new titles that had not previously been used thereby increasing the potential donation base.

The income generated by the campaign is currently predicted to exceed the target set by 23%

Crisis campaign
Crisis campaign