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Case Study : Amnesty International


Amnesty International are Root Media’s longest standing client with a relationship that extends back some 10 years. Amnesty has a relatively small potential supporter base and consequently a limited media pool in which to fish. The challenge was to work within these constraints to deliver results that met the ROI target set by the client a decade ago. The target has remained unchanged throughout the period.


We implemented ongoing in-depth response analysis that looked in minute detail at all the variables right down to the influence of geography and the day of the week. The resulting data was used to build response prediction models and included valuable lagging pattern information. Almost forensic in nature, the process informed rate negotiation, title selection and choice of creative format. We have been able to refine our approach over time and extract every bit of media insight and value from the schedules.


The ROI target first set by Amnesty back in 2000 is still being bettered – currently by 18.3%

Amnesty International campaign
Amnesty International campaign
Amnesty International campaign