a rare creature these days... a small, independent, media planning and buying company.

We are that rare creature these days, a small, independent, media planning and buying company and we are happy to be upfront about our size because it is one of our greatest strengths. How so? Because... You get senior hands-on input on your business at all times. Our buying talents are up there with the best but, being small, we can dodge under the radar sometimes (volume buying isn't the only way to get the keenest rates). We keep close to the day to day so that the service you receive is responsive, intelligent and intuitive.

Small is lovely but we are also pragmatists hence our strong strategic link to Aegis Media (the largest independently owned media company in the world) which allows us to scale up if the need arises and also gives us access to some of the finest media research resources available. We're not slackers in the CV department either, between us we have notched up years of experience with Granada TV, McCann Erickson, Carat UK, Thames TV, Apollo Leisure and Welsh National Opera.

We are a dynamic team who happily adapt to clients of all shapes and sizes. We are unapologetic perfectionists with the skills to squeeze the last drop of value from anybody's budget. More important than all of this though – we consistently produce results. Economist Leopold Kohr once wrote '...whenever something is wrong, something is too big.' We agree.